What Do You Do?

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Tripp and Kelsey Productions Brings You: My Morning Routine, a short clip about the life of Kelsey!

I was asked to create an eight second or more video of what I do on a daily basis. This was very easy for me because I am a creature of habit! If I ever break my morning routine, my day is screwed from the beginning.

I begin by waking up to an alarm and sluggishly getting out of bed. I go to my closet and pick out my clothes and shoes. Of course, then I get dressed. Once I’m dressed I head over to my mirror (which I sometimes have to share with my roommate…ugh…) and then I brush my hair, use my beauty products like makeup and deodorant, and brush my teeth.

To finish it all off, I gather all my school supplies, including my laptop and phone charger (because those are OBVIOUSLY the essentials.) Once I get all of my stuff together, I do one last mirror check and I’m out the door.

Again, all my movies are made in movie maker. This one was just a matter of clipping a song (which is “Good Morning,” by Mandisa, a christian artist,) and then throwing in some photos. I didn’t need to compress it because the video was already short enough. With one click, I added it to youtube and WAM BAM DONE!

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