Talking Animal Mashup

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I did this mashup of a pretty recent commercial. I thought it would be funny to do a voice-over for the horse telling us “how he really feels.” I cracked myself up while making this.

To incorporate my character, Tripp, I used Kelsey and Tripp productions again. Also, Tripp believes this horse actor is here long lost cousin. I honestly see no resemblance. Do you?

I made this video rather quickly because I’ve gotten quiete good at video and audio editing. I find that movie maker is the best and easiest way to edit audio, even though it doesn’t do a whole lot. It just does the basics, but that’s all I really need. Anyway, I used an online converter to take two youtube videos. The t.v. commercial was made into an MP4 and the horse voice video was made into an MP3. I used the mute tool in movie maker to change what the horse was actually saying into what I wanted him to say. I split the video in half so that I could keep the original audio in the first half of the video. I finished and compressed it using HandBrake as usual. Viola! My mashup was complete.

Truthfully, I wouldn’t hate my job if I was that horse at a tropical beach! Bring on the warm weather and sunshine! Senioritis is hitting me hard!


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